FISH Philosophy

We have been learning to adopt the FISH Philosophy in our lives.

The FISH Philosophy was created by some Fish Mongers in Boston, hence the name. They found that applying this philosophy made their work much more fun and enjoyable.

The four main principles of the Fish Philosophy are;

1. Play

2. Choose your attitude

3. Be there

4. Make their day

We talked about what each other these principles means and how we can apply it to our learning at school. Here are some responses from students:

Play – Have fun and enjoy what you do
Choose Your Attitude – You have to do it, so be positive
Be there – Be active. Participate. Join in and be part of what’s happening
Make Their Day – Making others feel good. Make them feel special.

Play – Have lots of fun. Enjoy school.
Choose Your Attitude – You want to do it, so do it!
Be there – Do your work. Be a part of what’s happening.
Make Their Day – Make others feel special and feel good.

Play – Have fun and enjoy what you do.
Choose Your Attitude – You have to do it so be positive.
Be there – Don’t take days off.
Make Their Day – Make them feel special.

Play – Have fun!
Choose Your Attitude – Be positive!
Be there – Participate!
Make Their Day – Make others feel special.

We will be applying this philosophy to our learning at school.

Do you have a motto or philosophy to live by? Share your ideas!

Multiple Intelligences

On Friday, we all completed an online quiz to find out which multiple intelligence we are. There are eight different learning preferences. This means that we all have different preferences for how we learn and how information is presented.

Some of us were very surprised with the results! Our results are graphed below:

We are enjoying learning about our different learning styles and preferences.

Find out what multiple intelligence you are by visiting:

What multiple intelligence are you mostly? Does this surprise you? Why/Why not? What sort of things should you do to help you learn better?

Hot Potato

Last week in class, we completed a fun activity. We were given the opportunity to express our opinions by responding to different questions. Below are some photos of our answers.

We liked having the opportunity to express our opinions and give feedback about our class. We also liked working in groups together. We learnt about different things we can do to work co-operatively.

Here are some pictures of us working together in groups:

Looking forward to more co-operative activities!

What has been your favourite activity in school so far? What do you need to be able to do to work co-operatively?

We Got Our Netbooks!

After snack today, all 5/6 students headed to the theatre for a meeting. Andy introduced himself to us as our computer technician. We are very excited to start our 1:1 Netbook Program!

Andy let us know a couple of ground rules when using our netbooks. Some of these included;

  • Netbooks must be charged at home every night.
  • We must hold the netbooks correctly – NEVER by the screen. When taking them home or back to school, they need to be in their hard cases.
  • They are used for educational purposes only – we cannot access social media sites and other games on them (even at home).


Andy added some new programs to our netbooks this year. We had some time after our meeting to explore. We also joined Edmodo which we will use for assignments during class and for home learning tasks. We can also communicate with Miss Fraser and Caroline when we are at home and having issues!

What are you looking forward to doing on the netbooks? Have you found any games or sites to share with our class that we could use?

Our First Day Back

On Thursday, students at Killara Primary School started their first day back for the school year!

We are looking forward to everything we will learn in grade 5/6. Some highlights of our first day included; meeting everyone in our class, our morning meeting and having a Snowball Fight!

We can’t wait to receive our netbooks on Monday!


What was a personal highlight of our first day back for you? What are you looking forward to most this year?