End of Term One!

The end of Term One 2013 has managed to sneak up on us!

Students on Frole Island have spent the term learning about learning and how to learn best. We have squeezed a lot into just nine weeks!

Some highlights of our year so far have been:

  • Getting our netbooks
  • Snowball Fight to learn more about each other
  • Community Circles
  • Athletics & Swimming Days
  • Dr Seuss week
  • Alpha Productions ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’

We have so much more learning planned for Term 2 including our Daily 5 literacy block, beginning our Asia unit of work and camp! We will also be exploring more programs and websites on our netbooks.

We wish everyone a happy and safe holidays! We will be back on Monday 15th of April. There will also be an assembly on the first day back.

What was your Term One highlight?

What are you looking forward to in Term Two?

What are your plans for the school holidays?

Zac’s Last Day

Guest Post – Zac W

Dear class,

This year has been fun and full of laughter. I feel pretty happy to come to school as all kids should. To Caroline and Miss Fraser, you have been wonderful teachers over the two years and I will not find better teachers than you –  none more fun, funny, prepared and silly so thank you. I will be having fun in Cairns and my new school. I will keep on Edmodo and check it regularly so any questions I will answer. Thank you for all your compliments in our Morning Meeting, they made me feel happy and made me feel like you guys wanted me to be on Frole Island. To Penny and Sheldon, you have been the best class pets i will have, unless i get a crocodile for one in Cairns! I will miss you all and Killara. Have fun.
Zac W

Being Cybersafe

Before using our class blog to connect with others, we needed to find out the best ways to be cybersafe in our online world. Instead of brainstorming and discussing, we completed a program titled ‘Budd:e’.

Budd:e (Primary) has been developed for Australian primary schools, for Years 3 and above.   Budd:e is education about the risks people take by going online, and the possible consequences of those risks.  It’s also education about the technical and behavioural measures we can all use, to help reduce our risk, and bolster online security — security for people, for internet devices, and for personal data.” (https://budd-e.staysmartonline.gov.au/teachers/primary/budde.html)

There were 9 modules (or activities) that we had to complete in order to build our Budd:e robot. These were: Budd:e Basics, Click Here, Public vs Private, Mine. Yours., Who R U?, Security Detective, Password Power, Blocker and Budd:e Up at Home.

We are now more aware of the risks that we take when being online and of the security measures needed to protect our privacy. We cannot wait to start blogging with other classes from across the world! We highly recommend that you check out the program.

What activities have you done relating to Cybersafety and security? If you completed the Budd:e program, what was your favourite part? Did you learn something new? 


All 5/6s completed a course called ‘Leadership at School and Beyond’.

We did this because we are considered role models to the entire school and we needed to identify what that actually means.

We also voted for our Class Captains and those who wanted to be part of our Student Leadership Council wrote applications which were read and voted on by the 5/6 teachers. It was extremely difficult to choose only 12 applicants from the 30 outstanding applications received that we even had to include an extra 2 members!

Congratulations to the following 5/6 Leaders;

5/6E Class & Vice Captains – Josh & Kim
5/6F Class & Vice Captains – Ethan M & Jo

Student Leadership Council representatives from 5/6E&F – Neve, Caylee, Ethan M, Chelsea and Zac W.

We know that just because we don’t all wear badges, doesn’t mean we’re not all leaders! Below are some photos of us completing the Leadership at School and Beyond course and of our captains and SLC represenatives.

Have you ever held a leadership position before? What things should you be doing to demonstrate that you are a positive role model?

Dr Seuss

To celebrate Dr Seuss’ birthday on March 2nd, this week our learning has a strong focus on the life of Dr Seuss and his stories.

We are completing a WebQuest where we will produce our own PowerPoint Presentation which includes a short biography on Dr Seuss, the hidden message on four of his stories, a review of one story and our own attempts at writing a Dr Seuss style story.

We have found out so much about the life of Dr Seuss already! Here is some information that we learnt:

Brandon: Dr Seuss died on September 24th 1991.

Jasmine: Dr Seuss would have been 109 years old on March 2nd this year if he was still alive.

Kimberley: Dr Seuss had an affair with a lady named Audrey Diamond. His wife committed suicide and then he married Audrey.

We can’t wait to complete our WebQuest and learn more about Dr Seuss and his stories.

What is your favourite Dr Seuss story? Is there something that surprised you that you learnt about Dr Seuss? 

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

We watched a video of a librarian reading a story to us called ‘Have You Filled a Bucket Today – A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids’

The idea is that everybody carries around an invisible bucket. You feel good when your bucket is full and don’t feel so good when your bucket is empty.

You need other people to help you fill your bucket. When somebody does something nice for you, like smiles at you or gives you a compliment, they help to fill your bucket.

It also works the other way around – if someone teases you or excludes you, they are dipping into your bucket and taking away the good feelings in there.

We created our own buckets for people to put slips of paper in to help us feel good about ourselves. Here are some of our buckets:

What is something that you could do to help fill someone else’s bucket? What does “being nice” actually mean?