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One of the main purposes of blogging is to participate in conversations with other people about different topics. This is why quality comments are so important.

Blogging is fairly new to students on Frole Island. Some students had the opportunity to be involved with a blog last year if they were in Karen’s class. Miss Fraser & Caroline have learnt so much about blogging from Kathleen Morris and Kelly Jordan from 4KM & 4KJ @ Leopold Primary. Their blogging buddy, Mrs Yollis, has many great posts about blogging which have also helped so much!

“If you are unfamiliar with blogs, they are online journals. Blogs are essentially websites where administrators can add posts which are displayed in reverse chronological order. There are icons on the side, called widgets, where you can find past posts, recent comments, links to other blogs, our global visitors and more.” (Kathleen Morris – 4KM & 4KJ)

You can visit our ‘How to Leave a Comment’ section of our blog for instructions on how to type a reply to each blog post.

Mrs Yollis has written a fantastic post about leaving good quality comments. Her students have helped to make a video with clear instructions on each of the steps. Please visit the link to read the post and view the video!

What did you learn about quality commenting? Do you have any more questions about blogs and leaving comments? Have you started a conversation through leaving a comment yet? Tell us about it!

8 thoughts on “Quality Commenting

  1. To the class,
    I liked the vidio on the on their blog, it was so cool and the panda is so cute. Did they make the panda?

  2. Dear Miss Fraser’s class,

    Excellent post! This is a valuable topic to discuss. And might I add, you are learning from the best! Mrs. Morris, Miss Jordan, and Mrs. Yollis are the teachers who taught us how to comment as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think it is a great idea to make a personal connection to the post you’d like to comment on. Everyone’s own stories make the topic much more interesting and give everyone else new information to add to what they already knew.

    Another idea is to read the comments that were posted before you leave your own. I actually just did that with this post. I see that Brandon has left a comment about a video and a panda. Hmmm, let me make a personal connection to that…Brandon, were you thinking of the video we just posted on our Techie Kids blog? I am curious to know the answer.

    Keep up the great work, Frole Island!

    Your pal in Michigan,
    Mrs. Moore
    Techie Kids

  3. Dear Miss Fraser’s class,

    I like your article about quality commenting. My class is working on commenting, too. We are working on going to other teachers websites and commeting on them.

    Do the students work on commenting on other blogs? It was nice talking to you. Bye.

    Techie Kids

    • Hi Brody,
      Thanks for your comment on our blog. I really enjoy reading the Techie Kids blog as you always blog about such interesting and varied topics.
      At the moment, my class has just begun to visit other class blogs and attempt to leave quality comments. We have spoken about “netiquette” and keeping the conversation going by visiting back and checking to see if someone has replied. We’ve just come back from school camp though so we haven’t visited in a couple of days but we’ll get back on to it next week.
      Glad to see that your class is doing very similar! Leaving quality comments is an important skill to learn so that you can have meaningful conversations over the internet with other people.
      Thanks again for stopping by,
      Miss Fraser ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hello Miss. Fraser,

        Thank you for replying. What is netiquette? I am sure your class is doing great. Can I talk to one of your classmates, just to see how good they are doing.
        Is it warm in Austallia. Tempature is really warm here. I can’t wait ’till Summer. How about you?

        Techie Kids

    • Hi Nashita,
      Great to hear from you! We are looking forward to working with you and your class. Mr Hopper and I have been in contact and we are looking to start some projects together. What type of school work do you enjoy doing the most? I see that your class has been working very hard on their writing. A boy in my class was fascinated by your Titanic models.
      Hope to hear from you soon,
      Miss Fraser ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hello Miss Fraser and class,

    I completely agree that one of the best things about blogging is the conversations you can have with other classes. Like, this one I am having now with you!

    We always like reading quality comments on our class blog and try our best to leave them on other blogs. We aim to ‘prove’ we have read the original post by commenting on something from it. Or, like Mrs Moore said in her comment, you can reply to a comment already posted.

    I also think leaving a question or two is important. Do you? If you leave a question it encourages people to comment and the conversation continues!

    Happy Blogging!
    Miss Crowther ๐Ÿ™‚

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