Monster Descriptions Global Project

Students on Frole Island had their first taste of global project during June. We paired up with Miss T’s class in New Zealand to complete a Monster Description Project.

We got the idea from 4KM & 4KJ who completed the same project with Mr Avery’s class. You can see their attempts here.

Here’s what we did:

  • Paired up in our class (as we have more than double the students that Miss T has!)
  • Drew our own monsters
  • Wrote a short description of what our monsters looked like
  • Swapped our descriptions (but NOT our pictures) through Google Drive
  • Drew eachother’s monster using the detail in the description
  • Compared our original drawings to the ones drawn by our partners

The results:

The results were very interesting! Here are the descriptions that we wrote with our original drawings and the picture that our partners in New Zealand drew.


We learnt:

  • Although sizzling starts have their place in narrative writings, writing about how horrible the monster is, wasn’t really helpful to those drawing our pictures
  • Writing needs to be clear and precise so that others can generate the same picture in their heads that we started with
  • When you leave out details, people can’t read your minds to know what you were thinking!
  • Working with other classes is fun!

Don’t forget to check out 4KM & 4KJ’s project with Mr Avery!

What else did you learn from the project? What was your favourite part? What advice would you give to somebody writing a description?

20 thoughts on “Monster Descriptions Global Project

  1. Dear Miss Fraser,
    I liked the monster descritions, my favourtie part was drawing them. I liked putting the detail in my monster by couloring to my best of my abiltiys.
    The one thing i would give advice is that all ways have a triple cheak.

  2. Dear Mary,
    Thankyou for drawing me and Chelsea’s monster. You were so close and you’re a very good drawer. When my class saw what you had drawn everyone thought it was really close, so you did really well.
    Was there anything you got stuck on? Is there anything we could do to make it more understanding if you were stuck? What was your favourite part of the monster? Thankyou!
    From Mia 🙂

  3. Hi Frole Island,
    I really liked this idea of doing an activity with different class in a different country. I think it was a great idea and I would love to do this again !
    I learnt to be more descriptive and I learnt what would happen if I wasnt!
    From Kimberley

  4. Hey,
    Something i learnt was be more specific with the language and describe its position and all that. My favourite part was getting to draw the other monsters from Miss T’s class because it was fun seeing what their monsters look like compared to ours. The advice i would give someone for writing a description would be describe nearly everything on your monster specifically and don’t make it a narrative.
    Cheers Molly 🙂

  5. Hello internet people,
    I recomend for this type of activity to make sure that you describe everything.For example in mine the person i got paired with didn’t draw legs because i didn’t mention them.Have you every done this kind of activity before? if so did you enjoy it?

  6. Hi Frole Island,

    We really liked making the monster descriptions. It was an epic idea and I think we all enjoyed it! I learnt that people cant read our minds so you have to be more descriptive (although we did type 2 pages of description it wasn’t enough). Our favourite part was drawing the monster and describing it. Some advice I’d give about writing a descriptive text is keep it simple but precise.
    From Ebony & Tabitha

  7. Hi Every one,

    Hope you liked all our monster descriptions and who ever tried to do rocket 207 is amazing and thanks for having a go.

    Thanks Ethan.C

  8. dear class,
    i learn’t that you need to be very clear of it.
    I enjoyed the mystory of what they will turn out to be. some edvice be very clear of it .
    from Annmarie

  9. Hi
    You can’t just write about one body part because people will not know how to do the rest of the monster. My favourite part was drawing the monster with my partner because we got to work together and share our own ideas.
    From Corey

  10. Hello People,

    I learnt that it is a good idea to read over it three times because you could double check it but still miss out on words. My favourite part was drawing the monster that we had to describe. I would look at whole instructions first before drawing, because you could miss out on something and mess up the whole thing.

    Thank you,
    from Josh

  11. Hi There,
    I liked doing the monster descriptions because we got to work as a team and we could see other peoples work.
    From Mia 5

  12. Hi There,
    I loved doing the Monster Descriptions because I was having a great time drawing and typing about the monsters Mine, Caileys and Mias was the greatest I loved it.Our description was pretty good it was good seeing a different person side of view and to see them draw our drawing and there class was Miss T’s class and they are in New Zealand
    By Stephanie

  13. Hello I like doing the monster descriptions because we got to work in teams and we got to see other people’s work. It was also a fun activity to do as a team. Did you think it was a good activity to do as a team?
    From Tarleea

  14. To everyone,
    I think that whoever drew mackenzie and mines alien did a pretty good job and that they got most of it right. We might of made some mistakes so sorry. Good Job.
    From Ethan M

  15. Hi
    I learnt what type of monster I had. My favourite part was drawing the other person’s monster. You have to have lots of detail in a description. This was fun.
    From Victoria

  16. Dear Miss Fraser and Class
    Thank you for doing this project with us. We thoroughly enjoyed it, and I especially liked the ease of doing it through Google Drive.
    We learned very similar things to you all. We were amazed at some of the eerie likenesses. It was as if you were sitting next to each other. Even the ones that at first look did not seem to be alike, when looked at we found there were a number of similarities.
    My class would love to do another activity with you again sometime. I have asked them to come up with some ideas! Can you think of any?
    By the way we did enjoy your video, you certainly have a wonderful gymnasium.
    We have holidays in two weeks. I am sure yours are somewhere near too.
    Enjoy them.
    Miss T
    New Zealand

  17. To Miss T’s class,
    I really enjoyed doing your monster descriptions. Yours were awesome because you put in so much effort your descriptions were fantastic, I hope we can do another activity like this again I really enjoyed it and that I hope enjoyed doing it as well. I liked some of the different names you called your monsters they were so funny I also hope that you enjoy your last weeks of school and how long do you get on holidays we have two weeks?
    From Stephanie

  18. Hay Frole Island.
    My partner was Victoria, hello.
    Hopefully you have seen my thought of your monster my wasn’t that great. 🙁 If you just mentioned the yellow skin I would of been fine. But next time remember for the colour of your monster skin.
    Cheers sahara.

  19. Dear Frole Island,

    I had a really great time doing this project, (as I mentioned in my comment on our blog) and I reckon that all the monsters turned out really similar! But there is one thing that kind of confused me… in the description of the Gobligore it said “three short stubby arms” but the picture Ethan and Mack drew only had two arms. Apart from that, I reckon everything was awesome, and I would really like to do another project with your class!

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