A chance lesson by chance!

Yesterday, we celebrated some birthdays that were on the holidays – Sesanga’s & Jaxon’s. While speaking to Jaxon, he mentioned his presents and a lot of them were One Direction related!

“If you love One Direction so much, why don’t you just go to their concert?” Zac called out.
“You could win tickets by shopping at Coles!” someone else called out.

Very nice suggestions. Particularly for Jaxon. But just how easy was it to win tickets to a One Direction concert?

The previous day, Caroline had read an article in the newspaper that said you were more likely to win tickets if you lived in NSW (because the concert was in Sydney and if someone in Victoria won, they would have to pay their own airfares and accommodation.)

She explained it to us like this: If there were 50 tickets to be won (for example), 25 of them would be won in NSW and the other 25 would be won in the other 7 states and territories of Australia.

We used a number line to show how much this actually was. We simplified 25/50 to be half (1/2). So half of all the tickets were located in NSW and the rest were somewhere else in Australia.

So, Jaxon’s chances of shopping at Coles and winning a ticket were getting smaller and smaller!

We went outside and used Miss Fraser’s Chalk Chance Line to stand where we thought the chance of the following statements would be.

  • The chance of it raining tomorrow
  • The chance of Geelong winning the AFL Grand Final
  • After flipping a normal, two-sided coin 50 times and landing on Heads EVERY TIME, the chance of it landing on Tails the next time it was flipped

“But Miss Fraser, you didn’t say WHERE in the world it would rain! So I’m standing on ‘Certain’ because it will rain somewhere in the world tomorrow!” Bella yelled out.

And she was right. Miss Fraser didn’t say where in the world. These are called ‘variables’. Things that affect the chance of something happening. Variables are explained in some of our reflections in the slides below.

Isn’t it funny that our Chance maths lesson (which only happened by chance!) taught us so much!

What chance do you think the statements Miss Fraser said have of happening? Have you ever heard of variables? What is the chance that you will comment on this post?!

17 thoughts on “A chance lesson by chance!

  1. Hi,
    I have a question about the snow balls on the fire. How big is the snow ball? Because it could put out the fire if it was big enough but if it was small then the fire could melt it.
    From Dane

  2. Hello,
    I never knew there was a word called variables. Variables are things that can change your mind. The chances me commenting on this post are really low.

  3. Hi Frole Island,
    The chance of me commenting is very HIGH!
    That was a good lesson, I leanrt about variables, that means there is always are some thing that might change your mind.

  4. Hi Every one on Frole Island,
    That chance lesson was really fun with Nancy and I think we should do it again. I learnt that if you flip a coin fifty time it still has a 50/50 chance of landing on heads. So what do you think 50/50 chance means?
    Thanks Ethan.C

    • Hi Ethan,
      You should never ask a question to the maths master! It means you have a even chance.
      But what is the chance that we will have more replies? I think a 25% chance.

  5. Hello class,
    What a interesting lesson that was. I believe that was quite a interesting and fun lesson. Did anyone else enjoy it?

    • Hi Luke,
      I sure enjoyed it!
      I liked learning about variables because every time I answered a question there was something to change what I thought about the question.,


      • Nate!
        What is the question you where talking about? Can you tell me who you think will win the cup for AFL?

        • To Alex,
          I’m Not sure what you mean when you said “what question you were talking about?”
          But as for the AFL I have NO IDEA!

          Nate 🙂

    • Hello Luke
      I loved the lesson! It was very great and I learnt a new word variables. It means stuff to know before you make your thought on the topic. Did you know that when I got home, I thought about the statements and I had to change a vote I was in.
      From Annmarie

  6. Hi Frole Island,

    The lesson was really fun and was an enjoyable way to learn about chance. The chance I will comment on this post is quite a dumb question because if you answer that question your answering this post so I’m certain I will comment on this post!

    If I roll a dice 6 times and they land on the numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 in order what is the chance I have of getting them in order all over again if I roll the dice another 6 times?


    • Hi Tabitha

      What a great investigation you have suggested. I would imagine the chance of rolling 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in order is quite small. So I would think the chance of doing it twice in a row would be teeny tiny. Perhaps we could try it out.

      Caroline 🙂

  7. Hi class
    I really liked doing that lesson. It gave the class to have fun with variables. did you enjoy it?

    I also liked the way we did it about different subjects for a example “do you think it will rain tomorrow?” What do you think about it?

    From Cailey!

  8. Hi class,
    I really think that I learnt a lot more on chance because Miss Fraser and Caroline did it in a fun way In such we did it out side in the sun and we got to do it in real life.

    from Caiden

  9. To All Frole Islanders,
    I really hope we do some more chance because I learnt a lot in that lesson and can any body find some chance at your home?

    Hello Miss Fraser I have heard of variables before and there very important to know and if you didn’t know them you wouldn’t know anything about chance at all!

    From Stephanie

  10. Dear Frole Island,
    Isn’t it amazing how much maths there is in the world and we don’t even think about it? I loved doing probability when I was at school. Its grest to see you doing Real Life maths.

    from Bernadette

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