Author Visit: Kym Lardner

In the lead-up to Book Week, students at Killara were lucky enough to be vivsted by children’s author Kym Lardner.

Kym has written Picture Story Books such as Arnold the Prickly Teddy and the Coat Hanger Horse. Mostly, we loved Kym because of his brilliantly entertaining story telling ability.


Kym drew pictures of people as he chatted with them. He also made up songs on his guitar about audience members.

Thanks to Deb in the Library for organising such a great author’s visit! We look forward to Kym returning soon!


What was your favourite part of Kym Lardner’s visit? What question would you ask Kym if you could? Have you ever had an author visit your school? Tell us about it!

Skyping New Zealand

** Recently, Frole Island have been host to Snail & Whale – the class mascots of Room 5 in New Zealand.**

To wrap up their time with us, we decided to Skype with some students from Room 5 so that we could find out about life in each other’s countries.

Room 5 were fantastic entertainers! They performed the “Cups” song for us and taught us how to count to 10 in Maori (although we might need refreshing – I think we’ve forgotten already!)

First, the students gave us a Maths problem as it was Maths Week in New Zealand. It was a perfect question for us as it wasn’t too easy and really got us thinking outside the box! The question was similar to this: If Sam’s cat is 3 years older than her dog and the total of the pet’s age is 14, how old is Sam’s dog?
Ebony answered correctly for us – can you figure it out?

Unfortunately, shortly after our Skype call, an Earthquake measuring up to 6.2 on the Richter Scale rocked Wellington – about an hour away from our friends in Palmerston North. The aftershocks were felt across the country but luckily everyone was safe.

Big thanks to Stephen for sending out Snail & Whale and making time to Skype with us. We hope to continue learning with you and your class.

Some students were a little disappointed that we ran out of time (technical difficulties!) to ask our questions to Room 5 so we will have to organise another Skype date soon!

What was your favourite part of the Skype call? What else would you like to find out about school in New Zealand? Stephen enjoyed finding out where our parents were born – were your parents born in another country? Which one?

School: Then and Now

During Family Blogging Month, family members can comment on any post on our blog. We thought it would be a great idea to ask a question to parents and other family members.

After reading Jo’s Grandad’s comment about what life what like growing up (see below) we got thinking about how different school is now compared to when our parents went to school.

Miss Fraser always reminds us that we weren’t even born when she was in Grade Six! She remembers how computers were only just being introduced into the classroom and NOBODY in Grade Six had a mobile phone. Thirteen years doesn’t seem so long ago to Miss Fraser but technology and education have come such a long way since then.

Remember, parents aren’t the only ones who can comment! Do you have brothers, sisters or cousins that have finished school?

What do you remember about being in school? What differences do you notice between school then and now? Tell us about it!

Snail & Whale in Australia

**This post is a copy of the original – written by Miss Fraser and posted on Snail & Whale’s home page (Http://**

It has been a long time since Snail and Whale were last in Australia and they thought it was such a nice place that they’d come back and visit again!

While the kids in New Zealand were on term break holidays, Snail and Whale jumped into a post bag and Stephen sent them off to Frole Island. Snail and Whale were a little worried – they had tried to look up their destination on Google Maps but couldn’t find it anywhere!

When they arrived in Australia, Miss Fraser opened the post bag and explained to Snail and Whale that Frole Island was the name given to the classroom of the Grade 5/6 students at Killara Primary in Sunbury. “Frole” is a mixture of Miss Fraser’s surname and Caroline’s (our other teacher) surname ‘Hole’.

Ethan M showed Snail and Whale around our school. It is quite a big place as we have around 650 that attend our school.



Stay tuned to hear more about Snail & Whale’s first week on Frole Island!

What would you like you see Snail & Whale do while they’re here? Share your ideas!

Simplifying Fractions

For the past couple of weeks, we have been looking at fractions. Each group has been looking at different aspects of fractions but we have all looked at equivalence.

Equivalence is a bit like simplifying fractions. Why say 4/8 when it is really 1/2? We simplify or reduce fractions to make it into the simplest fraction we can.

This video explains two different methods for simplifying fractions:

Head to to try some practise activities!

Is simplifying fractions easy for you? Why/Why not? How do you feel about fractions? When have you used fractions in your life?

August is Family Blogging Month!

The students on Frole Island love to share their learning through this blog.

The involvement of family members in our blog is so important. It makes everything we do at school more meaningful and special.

In an effort to include more family members in our online community, we are starting a new blog comment challenge called


Whenever a students’ family member leaves us a comment, the student will record it on our blog comment chart using the following codes:

At the end of August, the 5/6E student and 5/6F student who have the most comments from different family members will win a prize! In order to keep the challenge fair to everyone, each student can only record one comment on the chart per day. So the goal is to get as many different family members involved as possible during the month-long challenge!

Having conversations through commenting is one of the best parts of blogging so in your comments feel free to ask questions and reply to other people’s questions. Please refer to our Guidelines and Safety pages if you are unsure of how to comment or respond appropriately.

We’re inviting everyone to comment including mums, dads, brothers, sisters, grandmas, grandpas, uncles, aunts, cousins and family friends! Please do not include surnames, just how you know our students. For example; Katelyn (Mia’s aunty’s cousin’s friend’s sister)

* Family members don’t have to comment only on this post, they can comment on any post on our blog. *

If you want to know how to write a comment and for tips on writing quality comments, click here.

Thank you and credit to Kathleen Morris and Kelly Jordan at 4KM & 4KJ for the idea and wording of this introductory post! This was an idea originally created by Mrs Yollis in California.

What do you think of the “August is Family Blogging Month” challenge?

Which family members will you invite to comment?

Which posts do you think will be of interest to your family members?