August is Family Blogging Month!

The students on Frole Island love to share their learning through this blog.

The involvement of family members in our blog is so important. It makes everything we do at school more meaningful and special.

In an effort to include more family members in our online community, we are starting a new blog comment challenge called


Whenever a students’ family member leaves us a comment, the student will record it on our blog comment chart using the following codes:

At the end of August, the 5/6E student and 5/6F student who have the most comments from different family members will win a prize! In order to keep the challenge fair to everyone, each student can only record one comment on the chart per day. So the goal is to get as many different family members involved as possible during the month-long challenge!

Having conversations through commenting is one of the best parts of blogging so in your comments feel free to ask questions and reply to other people’s questions. Please refer to our Guidelines and Safety pages if you are unsure of how to comment or respond appropriately.

We’re inviting everyone to comment including mums, dads, brothers, sisters, grandmas, grandpas, uncles, aunts, cousins and family friends! Please do not include surnames, just how you know our students. For example; Katelyn (Mia’s aunty’s cousin’s friend’s sister)

* Family members don’t have to comment only on this post, they can comment on any post on our blog. *

If you want to know how to write a comment and for tips on writing quality comments, click here.

Thank you and credit to Kathleen Morris and Kelly Jordan at 4KM & 4KJ for the idea and wording of this introductory post! This was an idea originally created by Mrs Yollis in California.

What do you think of the “August is Family Blogging Month” challenge?

Which family members will you invite to comment?

Which posts do you think will be of interest to your family members?

65 thoughts on “August is Family Blogging Month!

  1. Hi Class,
    I think that it will be fun having a competion with the class using family Members. Can’t Wait to see what happends.
    Do you Think you will have a good chance of winning?
    Thanks From Jo 🙂

    • Hi Jo,
      Great comment. Do YOU think you’ll have a good chance of winning? I’m thinking that you will because you are such a keen blogger and I think you will spread the word to your family members. I wonder who the winners from each class will be! I can’t wait to find out!
      Miss Fraser 🙂

      • Hi Miss Fraser,
        I Have Already spread the word to all my family and friends over in England and all Over Australia. So I think I’ll Have a Pretty Good Chance of Winning. Who Do You Think Would Win?
        Can’t wait to see who wins!
        From Jo 😛

        • Hi Jo,
          Wow, spreading the word to family in England is a great idea! It would be fantastic for people on the other side of the world to visit us and check out what we’re doing!
          Miss Fraser 🙂

          • Hi Miss Fraser,
            I have planned for closer to the end of the month that I’m going to call everyone in my family if they haven’t already commented and see if they can!
            From Jo 😛

            P.S Do you think it’s getting a bit small to comment?

      • Hello Miss Fraser and Jo
        I don’t blog that much but I think this will give me a chance to blog more and introduce my family to the blog and they can see what I’m doing in the class. I will tell mum that she can blog and how as well as Dad I will enjoy this month because I have a big Family so thumbs up
        From Annmarie

        • Hi Annmarie,
          Great comment. I think you’re right, I think that this will be a chance for you to show off what we’re doing in class and to blog more often. You can show your family all around our page and how to subscribe to our posts.
          Having a big family will definitely help! But family friends can comment too.
          Miss Fraser 🙂

          • Hello
            Thank you for you compliment from my other comment. I had emailed everyone in my family that is familar with technology and explained every thing so hopefully they comment and if not, i’ll be very sad. I’m enjoying this year and I do not want it to end.
            From Annmarie

  2. Hi class
    I was wondering if students are aloud to chat with other parents and if people are looking at this blog from different places I would love to know where you are and what school you go to.

    • Hi Jade,
      Great questions.
      The whole purpose of blogging is to participate in online conversations so it would be fantastic if you could reply to other people’s comments. It certainly saves myself and Caroline a lot of hard work trying to reply to everyone!
      Who do you think you could ask to help you win the Family Blogging Month Challenge? I’m predicting that your sister will be the first of your family to comment to help you out!
      Miss Fraser 🙂

  3. Hi,
    Sounds like you have a very packed Term 3 ahead of you, I’m really looking forward to the production and seeing all the talented students perform. Great Idea to get your family involved in the blogging for August. Can’t wait to see who gets involved!
    Good Luck Everybody!!!!!

    Caz (Jo’s Mum)

    • Hi Caz,
      I’m really looking forward to seeing all of the different family members getting involved in our blog. We will have to come up with a special post directed at parents so they can have an online conversation too.
      The production is going to be great from what I’ve seen so far!
      Miss Fraser 🙂

  4. Hi everyone,
    So much fum blogging. Hope you are all enjoying the year, soon will be Christmas again. Have fun! Val

    • Hi Val,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving us a comment.
      I can’t believe it’s August already! This year has certainly gone by quick and you’re right, before we know it, it will be Christmas again. Do you have any special plans for Christmas?
      Miss Fraser 🙂

      • Hello miss Fraser,
        I don’t think we have any plans for Christmas we will probably just go to Venus bay, for a little while come back home again and bumming around. We are not people who feel that we will need to do something every day, we do go out and do some stuff but not daily we find that relaxing is needed because just going to Aunty Mary’s house is a big and we are very tired after. from Annmarie

        • Hi Annmarie,
          Relaxing at the beach definitely sounds like my kind of holiday! There’s nothing better than going it easy over the Christmas break and enjoying time with family. What do you normally do on Christmas Day?
          Miss Fraser

          • Well after we wake up really early and open our presents, we spend alot of time fiddling around with them [if not toy]. As we are a very noise family , we have massive laugh and I’m sure they will joke around.
            thanks Annmarie.

  5. Hi,
    Goodluck everyone!
    Hope You Have Fun Blogging!
    Seems like you guys are having fun in class so far.
    Whats been the high light so far?
    From Fran

    • Hi Grandma,

      My Favorite parts of this year so far would be working on the production, art, maths and MUSIC!!!

      From Jo 😀

  6. Hey guys. I’m Jo’s cousin Shannon. I’m blogging to you all from sunny Brisbane where I’m taking time out from my masterchef watching to chat with you all! How good is masterchef! It makes me hungry even though I’ve just eaten haha 🙂
    Hope you guys all enjoy this networking opportunity and meeting new people.
    Shannon 🙂

    • Hi Shannon

      I’m Caroline. I was Jo’s teacher last year and team teacher with Jo’s class this year. I am loving Masterchef this week. I love Heston’s creativity and his ability to amaze people with food. What has been your favourite dish this week? I really liked the pigeon riding the turkey! (Even if the turkey wasn’t cooked properly)

      We hope you keep following our blog. Miss Fraser does a fabulous job.


  7. Hi, you are going to have fun with this as I have just spent the last hour trying to explain to the family how to blog!!! Lol
    Caz (Jo’s mum)

  8. Hi Class,
    Wow, it looks like you have a very exciting Term ahead. I’m looking forward to seeing how all this blogging turns out. As I’m going to Vietnam next week, for 3 & 1/2 weeks, I will have to wait & ask Jo about it when I get back. Happy blogging everyone.

    Val ( Jo’s Auntie )

    • Hi Val,
      Thanks for leaving us a comment. Wow, Vietnam for 3&1/2 weeks! I have to admit, I’m definitely jealous! We have spent a whole term looking at Asia so we have a couple of Vietnam experts in here. You’ll have to tell us about your trip when you get back! Have you ever been to Vietnam before? What made you choose to go there this time?
      Miss Fraser 🙂

      • Hi Miss Fraser, I am looking forward to going to Vietnam, it is our second time there, & we loved it so much, that we are taking another couple with us so that we can show them around. We loved the people over there as they are so lovely, & they live very simply & don’t complain about things they haven’t got. The country side is absolutely beautiful. We are going to be sailing on a Junk for 3 nights, sailing around Halong Bay, & through all the water markets. I’m so excited. I might even buy Jo & her brother Jamie a little souvenier from Vietnam. Good luck for the rest of the month.


  9. Hello,
    I am computer illiterate so I am dictating to my Daughter what to write. This blogging thing is very confusing to me as I am 81 years old and we didn’t have anything like this when I was your age, it was all about WW2 and how the Germans were bombing England as that is where I grew up.
    I now live in Cairns in North Queensland with Jo’s Grandma, who is looking after me as I have Parkinsons which affects the way I move around as I shake all the time and can hardly walk by myself, I also have a little bit of dementia which means I forget things and people.
    So have fun with this blogging thing.
    Len (Jo’s Grandad)

    • Hi Grandad,
      Nice to know you’re still talking about war.
      I Think that even though you dont like computers you shouldnt get mum to comment!
      From Jo 😀

      • Hi Brandon, it wasn’t too bad, we made it abit of an adventure out of it, as I had a younger sister, it was really loud when the sirens went off and when a bomb hit something. But otherwise it was pretty quiet until you heard a siren. We use to hide under the dining table or in the basement depending on how much time we had. I use to play a game with my sister (Betty) she was always the German and I use to tie her up and leave her in the garden shed for most of the day, I did give her a drink and something to eat when I remembered she was there. But she was the enemy! She didn’t really mind, well I don’t think she did!
        Anyway keep blogging and I’ll keep getting my daughters to blog my responses
        Len (Jo’s Grandad)

  10. Hi class, I’m Phil, ( Jo’s Uncle ) from Tasmania. All this blogging sounds very exciting, I see that you have all been studying about Asia. It is one of my favorite places to visit. I was a Medic in the Navy for 25 years, and when we went to sea on our big ships, Asia was one of the places we always visited, the people were so friendly, and the country side is beautiful. I really loved my time in the Navy, being at sea all the time, sailing to new places around the world, & meeting so many different kinds of people & learning about the way they lived, it was all very exciting. Happy blogging everyone.

    From Phil.

  11. Hello,
    I think that the blog is a great thing to do so that we can see how the kids are going.
    Term 3 looks like a lot of fun with the production coming up.
    I really like the idea of visiting other classes blogs to see what things they are up to.

    Kim ( Josh’s Mum)

  12. Hello i am Brandon’s sister Monique, i am 16 years old. My favorite color is purple and i love being outdoors. I enjoy the company of my friends or family, i also love having a good time. I am a very clumsy and bubbly person, i am known as the clown of my friends. I am currently in year 10 and my favorite subject is music.

    • Hi Monique

      It’s great to hear how you are going. It sounds like you haven’t changed too much since you were at Killara. We have a whole school production happening this term. Have you been involved with any of your school’s productions?

      Caroline 🙂

  13. I am Brandon’s step-mum.
    My nickname for Brandon is B’Man and one of my favourite things about Brandon is how excited he gets about things – his face lights up.
    He also has a good heart.

  14. hello, brandons sister here, my name is patrice, i love orange juice, i have brown hair and multicoloured eyes, i go to highschool and i am in year seven, i learn japanese and i enjoy it.

    thank you for reading my comment 🙂

  15. Hi this is Brandon’s older sister Caitie!
    I would say say that i am a bubbly person who is crazy and loves doing gymnastics!
    And I love to be happy! :p

  16. Hi im Scott Brandons father
    im a tradesman and specialise in rendering and cladding
    i’m very proud to be brandons father he is a great brother to his brother and sisters always willing to help
    i love him very much

    • Hi Scott,
      Thanks for stopping by. It’s fantastic that Brandon has shown our blog to his whole family. I can see that you’ve all left a comment tonight!
      Brandon is always a great brother to his siblings – he looks after Shannon at school all the time.
      I have to ask, what is cladding? Which area do you work in the most?
      Miss Fraser 🙂

  17. Hi this is Brandon’s brother Shannon i like to play on my iPod and my brother’s x box. I’m nine years old. my brother is so cool and awesome. I play with him ON THE XBOX 360.WE PLAY DRIVER SAN FRANCISCO.WE ARE MOVING IN A NEW HOUSE.

  18. Hi there.

    This is my first blogging experience. My wonderful daughter is teaching me something.
    Thanks for sharing the first blog with me everyone.


    • Hi Darren,
      Thanks for stopping by. Great to hear from you. I’m sure Jo has told you plenty about what we’re getting up to in class and what’s coming up this term. Do you work at the airport or am I thinking of someone else?
      Miss Fraser 🙂

  19. Hi Class,

    I’m Jojos Brother and I am 9 years old. I go to a special school for kids with autism. Jo talks about blogging all the time. Who do you think will win the Blogging month?

    From Jamie

  20. Hi Everyone,

    Jo Has had to show me how to do this about 20 times because its a little bit confusing. good thing Jo has a little bit of patience.
    Whats been fun about the blog so far?

    From Helen (Jo’s Nani (Grandma) :D)

  21. Hi Class,

    My Name is Laura I’m 24 Years old and I’m 26 weeks Pregnant. This Sounds like a great competition to have at school. Whats the prize going to be?

    From Laura

  22. Hi,
    Your class looks very fun and I’m going to ask my teacher to start a blogg. My names Charlie and I’m a family friend of Jo’s. I met Jo in guides 4 years ago and we’ve been good pals ever since. Good luck to Jo and everyone else with your family blogging,
    All the best Charlie.

  23. Hi, My Name is Andrea I live in Darwin in the NT, I grew up with Jo’s mum, we have been best friends since we were really little. I am Jo’s Godmother and my husband Michael is Jo’s Godfather. Jo has told me lots about your school and the production that is happening, it all sounds like fun. Good luck with your blogging and work hard at school.
    Andrea (Jo’s Godmother)

    • Hello Andrea,
      I once lived in Darwin for 2 years. the school production is a musical and has a proper stage to perform on. It’s very nice in Darwin isn’t it?
      have you ever seen a snake up in Darwin?

  24. Hi, I’m Christine. I’m Jo’s mum’s cousin. That makes me Jo’s cousin once removed which sounds very complicated 🙂 We live in Leicester in the middle of England. Unfortunately we didn’t get to meet Jo when she came to England as we were away on holiday but she and her brother were able to meet all the rest of our family and I hear that they had a lovely family reunion!.

  25. Hi All!
    Time for a UK addition here! Great idea 🙂
    Christine is Jo’s Mum’s cousin…..I’m her hubby (Mike), so that makes things pretty remote, eh !
    We have 2 children, 17 & 15 years….& we live in Leicester, a city pretty near the middle of the UK. Who knows, one day we might even make it across to meet up!
    Good luck with the blogging!

  26. Hi I am Jo’s second cousin in England, sorry I didn’t post sooner but it has taken me a while to work out how to post!!!!! I think this blogging is a great idea.

  27. Hi Frole Island blogging looks fun were did u get the idea from good luck :’)

    Steph 🙂 😉 :’)
    ps i really dont know what to say

  28. Hi Everybody!
    How’s your blogging going? How many of you have had to give step by step instructions to family? I have been on Facebook with my family here in Australia and over in England giving them instructions. Some of them it has taken more than one time to explain things. AAAAHHHHHH!
    Keep up the blogging as it is fun to read

    Caz (Jo’s Mum)

  29. Hi class it is cailey I thinnk the family blogging month is a great way to get other people in the world to blog on our class blog.

    From Cailey

  30. Hi everyone, Jo’s Auntie here,
    I am in Vietnam, we have done so much since we arrrived 6 day’s ago. First we went to Hanoi, where we visited Ho Chi Mín’s Museum, very interesting, it told ús all about the Vietnam War.
    Then we spent 2 nights on a Junk, sailing around Ha Long Bay, the scenery was amazing. The weather here is very hot & humid, so we spent a lot of the time jumping off the end òf the boat into the water.

    We left Hanoi at 3am thís morning & caught a plane to Hoi An, in the South òf Vietnam, so I am very tired & I think I may go & have a sleep. We will do more sight seeing tomorrow.
    Happy blogging every-one.

    From Jo’s Auntie Val.

  31. Hello Frole Island.
    I am a retired highschool teacher. My full name is Jacqueline. I don’t like being called Granny Jack or Grandma so most of my family call me Jack Jack.
    Jack Jack.

  32. Hello Guys, I am so looking forward to the Wiping Out Waste Production on the 16th of September. I will be the one in the audience embarrassing everyone by saying “Can I get a whoop whoop?” I am designing a banner as we speak, embarrassing much? Cannot wait to hear all the performances, but I will be very happy when Tab stops singing “Litter Quitter” down the hall every morning :D.

    From Tabitha’s mum,

    • Hi Polly,
      I had the class perform for me the other day and I really enjoy the songs they are singing! They are very catchy. Although I can see how frustrating it would be if you had to hear ‘Litter Quitter’ many times each day. Great that Tabitha is practising though!
      Can’t wait to hear you chanting in the audience – I’m sure Tab, Sebastian & Scarlett will love it!
      From Miss Fraser 🙂

  33. Hi Frole Island,
    My Name is Kathy and I am the Librarian at Parap Primary School in Darwin. Jo’s Mum and I went to this Primary School together when we were your age. I have only met Jo once but my children talk to her all the time, there names are William, Isla and Harrison. Jo calls me Aunty Kathy as her mum and I have been best friends for over 30yrs. Do you think you will still be best friends with your best friend now in 30yrs time? We only had a commordore 64 computer when I was your age and we use to play Donkey Kong, Frogger and Pacman. Do you know these games? We never had blogging so this looks very interesting!
    Anyway better go as kids are calling!
    Kathy (Friend of Jo)

  34. Hello, My name is Karen, I am one of Kathy’s older sisters there are 5 of us and Jo also calls us all Auntie, I live in Darwin and run an Aboriginal Art Gallery called Shades of Ochre. I first met Jo when she came to Darwin for Kathy’s Wedding and thought she was much older as she is so tall! She towers over me! Jo’s mum has always been part of our family since she was 8 or 9 yrs old like another sister. Jo has another big family here in Darwin as there are 25 of us here that love her to bits and keep in contact with her over facebook. Yes even us oldies know how to keep in contact over facebook and we can also spy on what your up to and tell you off if we need to or dob you in to mum or dad :).
    This is the first time I have blogged, might have to get it set up for my Art Gallery and then everyone can look and see what’s happening at the Gallery.

    ok need to go as the rest of the family want to blog.
    Karen (Friend of Jo’s)

  35. Hello There, My name is Linda and I’m one of the 5 Aunties Jo has in Darwin. Like my sisters I met Jo at Kathy’s Wedding a few years ago, and think she is rather special! I have two children who are now in their 20’s and both are artists in painting and photograph. if it wasn’t for Kathy showing me how to blog i wouldn’t be doing this right now as wouldn’t know how.
    Hope you are all enjoying school and working hard!
    Much Love
    Linda (Friend of Jo)

  36. Hello! How good is blogging?!! I love to blog!
    My name is Judy and I’m the much younger sister of Karen, Linda and Jenny but older sister to Kathy! 🙂 I’m an art teacher at Darwin Middle School and I love my job! I get to teach students the finer things about art and watch their imagination and creations come to life with art.
    Jo also calls me Auntie and thinks I am fantastic much better than her other aunties here (lol).
    Anyway great idea this blogging keep it up!
    Judy (friend of Jo’s)

  37. Hi,
    My name is Jenny, I have escaped the mad sisters in Darwin and live in Brisbane, where I am the Principal at an all girls school. I know that the girls at the school all blog and express their opinions with blogging, I think it is a good way to get what you want to say out there as the internet is a great tool. So keep up your blogging as it will be read some where and your opinions valued.
    Jenny (Friend of Jo’s)

  38. Hi,
    My wife Jack Jack told me that she had bloged on your blog and she thought i should. I live up in Stirling. I have three daughters and used to have a son but died from cancer a few years ago. I have lots of grandchildren. Usally I’m not good with computers but I’m getting some lessons from my wife.

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