Snail & Whale in Australia

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It has been a long time since Snail and Whale were last in Australia and they thought it was such a nice place that they’d come back and visit again!

While the kids in New Zealand were on term break holidays, Snail and Whale jumped into a post bag and Stephen sent them off to Frole Island. Snail and Whale were a little worried – they had tried to look up their destination on Google Maps but couldn’t find it anywhere!

When they arrived in Australia, Miss Fraser opened the post bag and explained to Snail and Whale that Frole Island was the name given to the classroom of the Grade 5/6 students at Killara Primary in Sunbury. “Frole” is a mixture of Miss Fraser’s surname and Caroline’s (our other teacher) surname ‘Hole’.

Ethan M showed Snail and Whale around our school. It is quite a big place as we have around 650 that attend our school.



Stay tuned to hear more about Snail & Whale’s first week on Frole Island!

What would you like you see Snail & Whale do while they’re here? Share your ideas!

15 thoughts on “Snail & Whale in Australia

  1. Hello Blogers,
    I think it would be cool to see the Snail and Whale in Sheldons cage, or next to him out of his cage ! Another great place to put them would be in the principle’s office. The last place that they could hang out would be with the Preps.
    Hope our suggestions are helpful,
    Kim and Molly 😀

  2. Hi bloggers,
    Next week Killara’s girl netball team will be going to Coburg to play in the regional finals. I think that snail and whale could come and support them as they play their matches.

    From Chelsea

  3. Dear bloggers,
    I think snail & whale should join in, in our morning circles & I had a good idea; what if the teacher picked a student of the day & the student of the day would take snail & whale home for a night & we explain what they did there.
    Do you guys think it’s a good idea?
    -Ebony 🙂

  4. To Frole Island,
    I think that the snail and that is an awesome idea and I wish I thought of that. I wonder how many places they have travelled?

    We have taken photos all over the school and they have had a terrific journey. I hope we do something like that because that would be awesome to do and we could send them all over the world and they don’t have to be a snail and a whale they could be anything at all.
    From Stephanie

    • Hi Steph,
      I really like the idea of Snail & Whale travelling around the world too! I wanted to steal the idea and get Marco Monkey to travel the world. I will have to put up another blog post on Snail & Whale’s blog to summarise what they have done since they arrived. It is sad that they have to leave and go back home.I wonder where they will go next! Where do you think they would like to visit?
      Miss Fraser 🙂

  5. Hi Class,
    Has Snail and Whale been to America? If so, whereabouts and how many times? Have they been there more than Australia? Which country have they visited the most?

  6. Hi bloggers,
    I think that the snail and the whale should go to the other 5/6 grades and all the others so they can see all of our school and not just 5/6s, and they should go to the prep rooms so the can meet all of our buddies.

    From Cailey

  7. To all Frole Islanders,
    Snail and Whale are so very cute! I was wondering whether they have been placed together because they rhyme. Is this so? If so maybe they can be placed with other items that they rhyme with.
    Marilyn(Alexanders mum)

    • Hi Marilyn

      Snail and Whale have their own picture storybook that explains why they are travelling together. Your idea of photographing them with rhyming things is a good one. We will need to see how many rhyming things we can find at Killara.


  8. Hello everyone!

    I think Snail and Whale will have a wail of a time on Frole Island. I know, terrible joke but I couldn’t help myself!!

    We hosted Snail and Whale last year. They came on camp with us. I think Whale particularly liked camp because we went to the beach.

    I think Snail and Whale would like to be guest performers in your production rehearsals!

    Have fun with your visitors!

    Miss Crowther 🙂

  9. Hi, thank you for looking after the snail and whale for us! Looks like you are taking great care of them and they are having a whale of a time! We are looking forward to skyping with you today and learning about Australia! See you soon!

  10. Hello class
    Great post Miss Fraser I think that the snail and the whale should be on one picnic table next to the spider [ the spider is a playground.] I think the snail and the whale idea is a good idea thank you. from Annmarie

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