Author Visit: Kym Lardner

In the lead-up to Book Week, students at Killara were lucky enough to be vivsted by children’s author Kym Lardner.

Kym has written Picture Story Books such as Arnold the Prickly Teddy and the Coat Hanger Horse. Mostly, we loved Kym because of his brilliantly entertaining story telling ability.


Kym drew pictures of people as he chatted with them. He also made up songs on his guitar about audience members.

Thanks to Deb in the Library for organising such a great author’s visit! We look forward to Kym returning soon!


What was your favourite part of Kym Lardner’s visit? What question would you ask Kym if you could? Have you ever had an author visit your school? Tell us about it!

7 thoughts on “Author Visit: Kym Lardner

  1. Hello class,

    I really enjoyed Kym Lardner’s visit, mostly because he was the first ever author I have met.
    He really sums up exaggerating in a nut shell.

    My favourite part was when Kym told us the story about the kid going to sleep, right off the top of his head!!!

    What was your favourite part?

    From Josh.

  2. Hello Ms Fraser and Chloe,

    If we did ask Kym Lardner Chloe’s question, what ever his answer was, I would do what he says.
    I really like writing interesting stories and making them funny at the same time.
    I wonder if Kym Lardner exaggerates his stories?

    From Josh

  3. Hello class

    Kym Lardner was so funny! I really enjoyed it. My favourite part was when he drew the characters. It was so funny. I loved the rubber ducky! Who was your favourite?

    From Haidee

  4. Hello Class,

    I really enjoyed Kym Lardner’s visit because I have never met an Author before and I got to know a lot about him.

    From Mitchell

  5. Hi 5/6 E&F,
    I thought Kym Lardner was hilarious! I know the 1/2 kids laughed their little heads off! I think Josh’s question about exaggeration is an interesting one. Do you think authors often exaggerate their stories to make them more interesting to the readers? Something to think about…
    From Rebecca

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