It all started with 100 Word Narratives…

Miss Fraser told us that we would be participating in a project with UPPS where they would write the first 100 words of a story and we would have to complete them using only 100 words! We thought it would be easier to write the first 100 words and we found that finishing the stories was harder than we expected.

Our stories are below. The endings that we wrote are in red text.

200 Word Narratives by MissCrowther

200 Word Narratives 2 by MissCrowther

200 Word Narratives 3

We completed our stories and at around 12:30, Miss Fraser disappeared from the classroom. We knew we had a surprise coming…

We heard them coming before we saw them…

Suddenly, 52 UPPS students filled our classroom!

We read our stories together in small groups and then took everyone on a tour of the school. The lunch bell had gone so we headed to the gym and played a couple of games together. First we played Penguin Olympics and then we played Golden Child. It was a lot of fun.

After lunch, UPPS stayed and watched our dress rehearsal of our school production – Wiping Out Waste! Sam was the main character and Jo, Bella and Jaxon were also in the main cast.

We had such a great time with our new friends and loved having the opportunity to meet our blogging buddies in person.

** Big thanks to Miss Crowther and MRS Placek for their hard work in organising the secret excursion! **

Did the 100 Word Narratives end up the way you thought they would? How would you end them instead? What was your favourite part of the surprise?

2 thoughts on “Surprise!!

  1. Hi Miss Fraser and Frole Islanders!

    Thank you for making us welcome when we visited on Tuesday. It was grèat to meet you all face to face and not just through Skype and blog comments.

    We really enjoyed reading the endings you wrote for our narratives. We are going to do an experiment to see if writing the last 100 words is trickier. I didn’t think of that!

    You have obviously been working hard to learn your lines and actions for Wiping Out Waste. Good luck with your performances next week.

    Looking forward to our next project together!
    Miss Crowther 🙂

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