CERES Excursion

Yesterday, 5/6A, E & F hopped on a double decker bus and headed to CERES Environment and Energy Park in Brunswick.

CERES stands for Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies. Our Inquiry unit for Term 4 is Sustainability so it made sense for us to visit CERES.

We all did 4 different activities – Consumer Detectives, E-Waste, Australia 2030 Trail and a Tour of CERES. In all the activities, we learned how our consumer decisions can affect our environment and, ultimately, our future.

We are looking forward to learning more about Sustainability! Here are some photos of our excursion.

CERES Excursion on PhotoPeach

Have you ever been to CERES before? What sort of environmental issues do you think affect our environment? WHat are some choices that you could make to help our environment?