End of 2013

Thank you for following our blog in 2013!

We hope you have enjoyed the year as much as we have!

Unfortunately, the Frole Island blog will no longer run in 2014. You can visit Miss Fraser’s class blog or Caroline’s class blog to see what the 3/4 students of Killara are up to throughout 2014.

Signing out for the final time,

Frole Islanders

7 thoughts on “End of 2013

    • Jo,

      You are very sweet to stop by to say Goodbye! I will miss you next year. Make sure you stop by our new class blogs and leave good quality comments – I’ll be counting on you to set an example for my 3/4s!

      Miss Fraser 🙂

  1. Thanks for a wonderful year. You and Caroline have set a fantastic example with your blog (and a top name for it too). Have a wonderful New Year!

  2. I never posted that much on here and been long time when I last visited and still bad with my spelling and not expecting you to come and see this but I hope you do year 5/6 was fun and hard times for me and me posting on this will hopefully you see this and from year 5 I have change and you noticed me being more nosier and all so quite as well and now in year 7 from what happened there it has changed me how I act with the people who I worked with an what has happened there and now I am in year 8 I have No idea what will be going on in year 8 but our class 8G I would say one of a lucky class mean nice and new teachers we have and might of been one of the best class I have had and Miss Fraser and Caroline (sorry if I spelled your name wrong still bad at it) Have a good time of teaching as I had I good time of learning about it

    • Hi Connor,
      It’s so great to hear from you! What a fabulous comment you have left. I’m so glad you had a great time in our class. We miss you a lot. We are both teaching Grade 3/4 now and again in 2015. Caroline will be teaching at a new school but I will still be at Killara. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year. Good luck in 8G and we hope to hear from you soon!
      From Miss Fraser 🙂

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