About Our Students

We are a class of 49 grade 5/6 students. We range in age from 10 – almost 13 years old.

Below is a very short introduction to each of us.
Ebony – I am spontanious.
Zac C – I love AFL.
Annmarie – I like purple.
Tabitha – I am tiny.
Victoria– I like ballet
Molly – I love love love Netball.
Jake – I am the best.
Chelsea – I love playing tennis!
Kim – I like to play netball.
Alex K – I like maths.
Lewis – I love BMX.
Caiden – I rock at Basketball.
Mitchell – I’m Derpy.
Sam – I like to sleep.
Jackson -I like playing soccer.
Tarleea -I like animals.
Josh – Extremely annoying.
Luke – For Science!
Mia 6 -I’m funny
Connor – I hate art.
Alex C – I love soccer.
Campbell – I am wickedly awesome.
Gab – I am crazy AAAHHH!
Steph – I am awesome.
Jack – I like Basketball
Jamie – I like riding motorbikes
Nate – I like Minecraft
Jade – PS3 is my life
Jo – I am so amazing
Sesanga – I’m the next soccer legend.
Mack – I’m a weirdo
Jaxon – I like dancing.
Bella – I’m Fun!
Ethan M – I love to draw cartoons.
Cailey – I love dingos
Haidee – I’m strange.
Brandon – I like our blog.
Caylee – I love sport|
Dane – OK!
Mia 5 – I like music

8 thoughts on “About Our Students

  1. To Caroline and Miss Fraser,
    I like what you have done here but you are missing half of the class. Maybe you should edit this.

    From Ethan M

    • Hi Ethan,
      Thanks for your suggestion. You’re right – I did neglect this section a bit! Perhaps you could help me out and complete it for me! Come and see me and we’ll sort it out.
      Miss Fraser 🙂

  2. hey guys its me everyone i wanted to know who of you are going to salesian high school merry christmas and a happy new year from taylah d

    • hi taylah, its josh, its been four years now, and i came to the conclusion that im going to sunbury college and not salesian.

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