Skyping New Zealand

** Recently, Frole Island have been host to Snail & Whale – the class mascots of Room 5 in New Zealand.**

To wrap up their time with us, we decided to Skype with some students from Room 5 so that we could find out about life in each other’s countries.

Room 5 were fantastic entertainers! They performed the “Cups” song for us and taught us how to count to 10 in Maori (although we might need refreshing – I think we’ve forgotten already!)

First, the students gave us a Maths problem as it was Maths Week in New Zealand. It was a perfect question for us as it wasn’t too easy and really got us thinking outside the box! The question was similar to this: If Sam’s cat is 3 years older than her dog and the total of the pet’s age is 14, how old is Sam’s dog?
Ebony answered correctly for us – can you figure it out?

Unfortunately, shortly after our Skype call, an Earthquake measuring up to 6.2 on the Richter Scale rocked Wellington – about an hour away from our friends in Palmerston North. The aftershocks were felt across the country but luckily everyone was safe.

Big thanks to Stephen for sending out Snail & Whale and making time to Skype with us. We hope to continue learning with you and your class.

Some students were a little disappointed that we ran out of time (technical difficulties!) to ask our questions to Room 5 so we will have to organise another Skype date soon!

What was your favourite part of the Skype call? What else would you like to find out about school in New Zealand? Stephen enjoyed finding out where our parents were born – were your parents born in another country? Which one?

A New Friend on Frole Island

Imagine Miss Fraser’s astonishment when she came to our classroom on the holidays to organise some things for the term and she found this on our doorstep!

This little monkey has shown up on our island and wants to stay! He says that he doesn’t have a name yet and he’s really looking forward to helping us learn and blog with classes all around the world!

Please vote on a name below! This is a tool called ‘PollDaddy’ which Miss Fraser & Caroline learnt about when they attended ‘Technify Your Teaching’ with Kathleen Morris and Kelly Jordan.


What questions do you have for our monkey to find out more about him? Have you ever seen a monkey in real life? What type of monkey do you think our friend is? Where could he have come from?