Monster Descriptions

Students on Frole Island had their first taste of global projects during June. We paired up with Miss T’s class in New Zealand to complete a Monster Description Project.

We got the idea from 4KM & 4KJ who completed the same project with Mr Avery’s class. You can see their attempts here.

Here’s what we did:

  • Paired up in our class (as we have more than double the students that Miss T has!)
  • Drew our own monsters
  • Wrote a short description of what our monsters looked like
  • Swapped our descriptions (but NOT our pictures) through Google Drive
  • Drew eachother’s monster using the detail in the description
  • Compared our original drawings to the ones drawn by our partners

The results:

The results were very interesting! Here are the descriptions that we wrote with our original drawings and the picture that our partners in New Zealand drew.


We learnt:

  • Although sizzling starts have their place in narrative writings, writing about how horrible the monster is, wasn’t really helpful to those drawing our pictures
  • Writing needs to be clear and precise so that others can generate the same picture in their heads that we started with
  • When you leave out details, people can’t read your minds to know what you were thinking!
  • Working with other classes is fun!

Don’t forget to check out 4KM & 4KJ’s project with Mr Avery!

4 thoughts on “Monster Descriptions

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  3. Dear 5/6E and F,
    I enjoyed that task very much and wish I was still at Frole Island doing fun things like that with every one. I learnt that the more descriptive your writing the better drawing and results you will get from the other school.
    Thanks for an amazing time at Frole Island,

    • Hi Neve,
      Thanks for stopping by and visiting! We are doing a lot of descriptive writing in class at the moment – we will perhaps give you some samples to read on the blog soon!
      We miss you a lot and hope you are enjoying your new school.
      Miss Fraser 🙂

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