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6 thoughts on “Learn to Blog

  1. wazzup class,
    looking foward to lots of fun stuff on our netbooks this year like games, websits and learn new freinds.
    from Ethan.c

  2. Dear class,
    I was thinking since Zac left will we have a new 5/6 student in our class? But i wish Zac did not go!

    From Alexander

    • Hi Alex,
      Not necessarily! We will see what happens. Maybe if a new student starts in 5/6 they will come in to our class but we don’t know yet.
      I wonder how Zac is going at his new school! I heard that he was starting Year 7 already this year!
      Miss Fraser 🙂

  3. Dear class,
    I hope my net book gets fixed soon, school is close!
    I was thinking of having my net book next year what about you?

  4. Hi everyone,
    I also wonder how Zac is doing? When does he start grade 7? We’ll have to make sure that we all keep in touch on edmodo with him.
    From Neve

  5. Dear Miss Fraser,
    I love the new frole islander, has he ever been exploring before? I have seen a monkey before, he was so cute!
    From Alexander

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