August is Family Blogging Month!

The students on Frole Island love to share their learning through this blog.

The involvement of family members in our blog is so important. It makes everything we do at school more meaningful and special.

In an effort to include more family members in our online community, we are starting a new blog comment challenge called


Whenever a students’ family member leaves us a comment, the student will record it on our blog comment chart using the following codes:

At the end of August, the 5/6E student and 5/6F student who have the most comments from different family members will win a prize! In order to keep the challenge fair to everyone, each student can only record one comment on the chart per day. So the goal is to get as many different family members involved as possible during the month-long challenge!

Having conversations through commenting is one of the best parts of blogging so in your comments feel free to ask questions and reply to other people’s questions. Please refer to our Guidelines and Safety pages if you are unsure of how to comment or respond appropriately.

We’re inviting everyone to comment including mums, dads, brothers, sisters, grandmas, grandpas, uncles, aunts, cousins and family friends! Please do not include surnames, just how you know our students. For example; Katelyn (Mia’s aunty’s cousin’s friend’s sister)

* Family members don’t have to comment only on this post, they can comment on any post on our blog. *

If you want to know how to write a comment and for tips on writing quality comments, click here.

Thank you and credit to Kathleen Morris and Kelly Jordan at 4KM & 4KJ for the idea and wording of this introductory post! This was an idea originally created by Mrs Yollis in California.

What do you think of the “August is Family Blogging Month” challenge?

Which family members will you invite to comment?

Which posts do you think will be of interest to your family members?

Place Value Review

As part of our review of place value, Miss Fraser’s group created ‘What Number Am I?’ stories. Can you figure out what our numbers are?


Can you figure out our numbers? Write them in a commend below! What did we do well? What could we improve in our stories?

A chance lesson by chance!

Yesterday, we celebrated some birthdays that were on the holidays – Sesanga’s & Jaxon’s. While speaking to Jaxon, he mentioned his presents and a lot of them were One Direction related!

“If you love One Direction so much, why don’t you just go to their concert?” Zac called out.
“You could win tickets by shopping at Coles!” someone else called out.

Very nice suggestions. Particularly for Jaxon. But just how easy was it to win tickets to a One Direction concert?

The previous day, Caroline had read an article in the newspaper that said you were more likely to win tickets if you lived in NSW (because the concert was in Sydney and if someone in Victoria won, they would have to pay their own airfares and accommodation.)

She explained it to us like this: If there were 50 tickets to be won (for example), 25 of them would be won in NSW and the other 25 would be won in the other 7 states and territories of Australia.

We used a number line to show how much this actually was. We simplified 25/50 to be half (1/2). So half of all the tickets were located in NSW and the rest were somewhere else in Australia.

So, Jaxon’s chances of shopping at Coles and winning a ticket were getting smaller and smaller!

We went outside and used Miss Fraser’s Chalk Chance Line to stand where we thought the chance of the following statements would be.

  • The chance of it raining tomorrow
  • The chance of Geelong winning the AFL Grand Final
  • After flipping a normal, two-sided coin 50 times and landing on Heads EVERY TIME, the chance of it landing on Tails the next time it was flipped

“But Miss Fraser, you didn’t say WHERE in the world it would rain! So I’m standing on ‘Certain’ because it will rain somewhere in the world tomorrow!” Bella yelled out.

And she was right. Miss Fraser didn’t say where in the world. These are called ‘variables’. Things that affect the chance of something happening. Variables are explained in some of our reflections in the slides below.

Isn’t it funny that our Chance maths lesson (which only happened by chance!) taught us so much!

What chance do you think the statements Miss Fraser said have of happening? Have you ever heard of variables? What is the chance that you will comment on this post?!

Skype Quiz

During the last week of Term 2, students on Frole Island competed in a quiz with 5/6CJ and 4/5P from Upper Plenty Primary School.

We met 5/6CJ and Miss Crowther when we Mystery Skyped with them earlier in the year. We really enjoyed the experience and having the chance to chat with the students afterwards. We discovered that we had something in common – we had been studying Asia all of Term 2 and they had been studying China for our Inquiry units.

When we headed over to the Theatre, students didn’t know what we were up to! UPPS made our experience very enjoyable – they played the ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ music for us so we felt like we were really on a quiz show. They even prepared advertisements for us for when we had to go to an ad break!

First, we asked the 10 questions for UPPS about China. They did very well and walked away with imaginary $10,000. Enough to buy us all dinner! Here are their questions – see how well you do!

Asia Skype Quiz for UPPS

Then, we were asked our 10 questions. We have all been looking at different countries in Asia so as a group, we had quite a lot of knowledge about a variety of countries. However, Miss Fraser picked us randomly to answer questions – so we weren’t guaranteed to answer a question about a country we had researched!

Overall, we won an imaginary $500,000! We decided we would all travel to Asia together and visit some of the countries we had researched.

After each question, the Fact Fairies from UPPS gave us extra information. The effort they put in was fantastic – they had independently researched these facts as something extra.

Here are the questions we were asked. How well will you do?!

Asia Skype Quiz for Killara

These were fantastic questions and some of them had us really stumped – like the different types of rice question!

Miss Crowther made a short video of our experience. Here it is:


Skype Quiz Edited from Miss Crowther on Vimeo.

Thanks for a great afternoon 5/6CJ & 4/5P. We had a great afternoon and loved assessing our learning this way! We definitely enjoyed it as much as you did!

How did you do in the quizzes by yourself? What other questions would you add to either quiz? Have you ever used Skype in your classroom like this before? Tell us about it!

Welcome back to Term 3

We are looking forward to an exciting and action packed Term 3!

Here are some of the things we are looking forward to:

  • Walk-A-Thon
  • School Production – Wipe Out Waste!
  • Understanding Ourselves
  • Book Week
  • New 5/6 Sport team sport tryouts
  • Using more social media in the classroom

And plenty more!

What are YOU looking forward to the most in Term 3? Why?

Minibeast Hunting

Yesterday, we paired up with our Prep buddies and went on a minibeast hunt around our school grounds.

The Prep students have been learning about minibeasts all term so they were very good at identifying what a minibeast was, where we could find them and what they actually were.

Miss Douglas told us about the code for caring for minibeasts before we went outside. The important protocols we had to follow were;

  • Use gardening gloves at all times
  • Do not hurt the minibeasts – pick them up with tweezers gently
  • Return minibeasts to their home when we have finished observing them
  • Do not pick up spiders or insects with stingers

We had a great day with our buddies. Here are some photos of us hunting!

What was your favourite part of hunting for minibeasts? What minibeasts have you found at your school or in your garden? Have you ever been bitten by an insect or spider?

3D Paper Houses

When learning about area & perimeter, we completed an activity called ‘3D Paper Houses’

We created our dream homes by completing small steps at a time. First we drew a 2D floor plan and calculated the area and perimeter of each room and then the whole house. We were also asked to go home and calculate the area of our own bedrooms at home. We know that the formula for area is length x width so we measured 2 wall sides and multiplied them.

Then we needed to make the nets to make each room three dimensional. We found this a bit tricky at first – some of us even forgot to our roofs! Once we made one room and saw how it was folded to create a prism, we found it much easier. We knew that rectangular prisms needed to have 6 faces altogether.

We then stuck all of our rooms together so our house looked like our floor plan. We needed to calculate the surface area so that we knew how much paint we’d need to paint the outside walls. Then we used the formula to find out the volume of 6 of our rooms in our house.

Finally, we got to decorate our house.

Overall, we really enjoyed this activity and found it a much more interesting way to learn about area & perimeter. Some of us applied our knowledge and found accurate shortcuts!

Have you completed a Maths activity that you’ve really enjoyed this year? Can you use the formula for finding area to calculate the area of your own bedroom?

Monster Descriptions Global Project

Students on Frole Island had their first taste of global project during June. We paired up with Miss T’s class in New Zealand to complete a Monster Description Project.

We got the idea from 4KM & 4KJ who completed the same project with Mr Avery’s class. You can see their attempts here.

Here’s what we did:

  • Paired up in our class (as we have more than double the students that Miss T has!)
  • Drew our own monsters
  • Wrote a short description of what our monsters looked like
  • Swapped our descriptions (but NOT our pictures) through Google Drive
  • Drew eachother’s monster using the detail in the description
  • Compared our original drawings to the ones drawn by our partners

The results:

The results were very interesting! Here are the descriptions that we wrote with our original drawings and the picture that our partners in New Zealand drew.


We learnt:

  • Although sizzling starts have their place in narrative writings, writing about how horrible the monster is, wasn’t really helpful to those drawing our pictures
  • Writing needs to be clear and precise so that others can generate the same picture in their heads that we started with
  • When you leave out details, people can’t read your minds to know what you were thinking!
  • Working with other classes is fun!

Don’t forget to check out 4KM & 4KJ’s project with Mr Avery!

What else did you learn from the project? What was your favourite part? What advice would you give to somebody writing a description?

Skyping with Malaysia

On a Wednesday afternoon, we headed over to the Theatre where Miss Fraser had set up a netbook with Skype on the projector.

In our Morning Meeting, we had spoken about what questions we could ask of students living in Malaysia to find out more information about their lives. We talked about the difference between closed questions and open questions (or fat & skinny questions!) We decided that we wanted as much detail as possible so it was better to ask ‘fat’ questions.

We connected with Anna (who is Campbell’s aunty!) who teaches at Garden International School in Malaysia. Why Malaysia? Our Inquiry unit this term is Asia!

Each of us had a chance to ask questions and have them answered by Anna’s students. We found out a lot of similarities and differences between our two schools. For example, they love One Direction like we do!! (Just joking Zac!) We were really excited to learn that their school has a swimming pool and tennis courts.

Skyping is a great way to learn about our world just by asking questions. We loved the chance to speak with students our age and find out about their lives in another country.

Unfortunately, there was an issue with the camera and we couldn’t see Anna’s students. But they could see us and they took some photos for us too!


Have you ever Skyped someone before? Have you ever visited Malaysia? Could you tell us about it?

Apologies for the break!

Term 2 has become VERY hectic for everyone at the moment. New posts will be up about some exciting this we have done.

Sorry for the break in posts! Miss Fraser has been busy writing reports and everyone has been focussing beautifully on their work. Stay tuned for posts on what we’ve been up to…