On Thursday 25th of April, Australia held a public holiday for ANZAC Day.

We observe ANZAC Day to commemorate the soldiers who fought in the battle at Anzac Cove in Gallipoli, Turkey.

Students on Frole Island completed an interactive activity where we watched videos and learnt about the landing at Anzac Cove and the war that followed.

The site also contains interviews with survivors of the battle in Gallipolli and profiles of soldiers from Australia, New Zealand, Great Britain and Turkey.

On Monday’s assembly following ANZAC Day, Kelli organised an ANZAC ceremony. Each class made a wreath to lay as a sign of respect for the soldiers. Our class captains (Ethan, Jo, Josh & Kim) represented our class by laying the wreath. They were great role models for other students. Frole Island made their wreaths with their buddies in Prep in Miss Douglas & Miss Heywood’s class.

Here are some photos of making the wreaths and the ANZAC ceremony.

ANZAC Day on PhotoPeach

Have you participated in an ANZAC Day ceremony before?

Have you ever attended a dawn service or public ceremony?

What special days do you celebrate in your country?