Quality Commenting

One of the main purposes of blogging is to participate in conversations with other people about different topics. This is why quality comments are so important.

Blogging is fairly new to students on Frole Island. Some students had the opportunity to be involved with a blog last year if they were in Karen’s class. Miss Fraser & Caroline have learnt so much about blogging from Kathleen Morris and Kelly Jordan from 4KM & 4KJ @ Leopold Primary. Their blogging buddy, Mrs Yollis, has many great posts about blogging which have also helped so much!

“If you are unfamiliar with blogs, they are online journals. Blogs are essentially websites where administrators can add posts which are displayed in reverse chronological order. There are icons on the side, called widgets, where you can find past posts, recent comments, links to other blogs, our global visitors and more.” (Kathleen Morris – 4KM & 4KJ)

You can visit our ‘How to Leave a Comment’ section of our blog for instructions on how to type a reply to each blog post.

Mrs Yollis has written a fantastic post about leaving good quality comments. Her students have helped to make a video with clear instructions on each of the steps. Please visit the link to read the post and view the video!

What did you learn about quality commenting? Do you have any more questions about blogs and leaving comments? Have you started a conversation through leaving a comment yet? Tell us about it!