3D Paper Houses

When learning about area & perimeter, we completed an activity called ‘3D Paper Houses’

We created our dream homes by completing small steps at a time. First we drew a 2D floor plan and calculated the area and perimeter of each room and then the whole house. We were also asked to go home and calculate the area of our own bedrooms at home. We know that the formula for area is length x width so we measured 2 wall sides and multiplied them.

Then we needed to make the nets to make each room three dimensional. We found this a bit tricky at first – some of us even forgot to our roofs! Once we made one room and saw how it was folded to create a prism, we found it much easier. We knew that rectangular prisms needed to have 6 faces altogether.

We then stuck all of our rooms together so our house looked like our floor plan. We needed to calculate the surface area so that we knew how much paint we’d need to paint the outside walls. Then we used the formula to find out the volume of 6 of our rooms in our house.

Finally, we got to decorate our house.

Overall, we really enjoyed this activity and found it a much more interesting way to learn about area & perimeter. Some of us applied our knowledge and found accurate shortcuts!

Have you completed a Maths activity that you’ve really enjoyed this year? Can you use the formula for finding area to calculate the area of your own bedroom?