Mystery Skype

On Thursday afternoon, students on Frole Island participated in a Mystery Skype. Miss Fraser knew which class we were skyping with but couldn’t tell us where they were.

Mystery Skyping is where two classes come together without knowing which school or where in the world the other class is. Each class takes turns to ask closed questions to narrow down the location of the other class. If you ask a question and receive a ‘No’ response, then it is the other class’ turn to ask a question.

Before we skyped, we talked about the general types of questions we could ask to narrow down the other class’ location. We decided the the best way to firstly narrow it down was to ask “Are you in the Southern hemisphere?”

Neve & Steph started by greeting the other class. Steph tossed a coin to determine who would ask the first question – they won.

There are different roles for everyone in the class so that we can all participate. Here is a list of the roles we used and what their jobs were:

  • Greeters: Students greet the other class and welcome them to our Mystery Skype session. They are in charge of helping determine who will ask the first question.
  • Inquirers: Students asking the questions of the other class to narrow down their location
  • Question Answerers: Must know about where we live to be able to answer the questions of the other class
  • Question Keepers: Students in charge of recording each question that is asked as well as the response.
  • Google Mappers: Students use Google Maps to search based upon the clues they are given. They use Google Maps to narrow the location of the other class. They then share this information to assist with creating new questions to ask
  • Runners: In charge of running between all the other jobs. They share the information that is gathered as well as bring questions to the inquirers.  They help to keep order so that everybody is not yelling across the room.
  • Logical Reasoners: Use information to try to eliminate states and countries.
  • Clue Keepers: Use a map to mark down important information. They can colour, cross out and make marks on the map to help narrow down the choices and formulate new questions.
  • Atlas: Students use a traditional atlas to help find the location.
  • Photographers: Students take pictures/video the event so it can be posted online later.

Next time, we will get to swap roles. We really enjoyed learning this way. We got to practise our skills in communication, geography, collaboration and ICT.

Unfortuantely, they guessed which school we were at first. It only took us 2 more questions to find out that they were Upper Plenty Primary School!

After we had guessed, we had the opportunity to ask questions of each other. We enjoyed finding out more about their school. We found out that their integrated studies unit is Asia too!

Brandon & Victoria did a fantastic job taking photos of all the groups working together.

Thank you to 5/6CJ @ Upper Plenty PS for allowing us to have such a fantastic first Mystery Skype experience!

What was your favourite part of the Mystery Skype? What would you change? Which role would you take on next time?